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What Is The Ribbon, Ribbon Usefulness Of What

This article is reproduced from  what-is-the-ribbon-ribbon-usefulness-of-what.html A narrow web or tubular fabric is made from various yarns. There are many kinds of fabrics, which are widely used in various industrial sectors such as clothing, shoe materials, luggage, industry, agriculture, military demand, transportation and so on. In the 1930s, the  ribbon  was produced by hand workshops, and the raw materials were  cotton  and twine. After modern times, the raw materials for  ribbon  gradually developed into nylon, vinylon,  polyester , polypropylene, spandex, viscose, etc., forming three major types of processing techniques: weaving, knitting, and knitting. The fabric structure has plain,  twill ,  satin , jacquard, and  double layers . , multi-layer, tubular and joint organization. An inconspicuous  ribbon  is ubiquitous in life or in the industry. The  ribbon  is a factory specializing in the production of ribbon. Here, let’s talk about ribbon. How much is his use? Many