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How To Identify The Material Of The Ribbon

The warp and weft yarns of the two unknown types of ribbon are removed, and burned separately by a lighter. During the combustion process, some physical phenomena are observed to determine the raw materials of the warp and weft yarns. When burning, observe the flame, the melting condition, the emitted odor, and the condition of the burnt ash.
The following are the physical properties of the combustion of the two ribbon materials for your reference:
Nylon Ribbon: Near-flame is melted, melted, dripped and foamed. Does not directly re-ignite. It looks like celery. Hard, round, light, brown to gray, beaded
Polyester ribbon: Near flame is melted, melted, dripped and foamed. It can be burned continuously. A few have smoke. Very weak sweetness. Hard round, black or light brown.
Cotton fiber and hemp fiber
Both cotton fiber and hemp fiber are burning near the flame, burning rapidly, the flame is yellow, and blue smoke is emitted. The difference between the two smells of burning and the ash after burning is that the cotton burns to emit a paper smell, and the hemp burns to give off the ash smell of grass; after burning, the cotton has very little powder ash, which is black or gray, and the hemp produces a small amount of grayish white powder ash.
Nylon and polyester
Polyamide (nylon), the name of the polyamide fiber, is rapidly curled into a white gel in the near flame. It melts and blisters in the flame. There is no flame when burning. It is difficult to continue burning after leaving the flame, and it emits celery flavor. After cooling, The light brown melt is not easily broken.
Polyester fiber name is easy to ignite, and it is melted near the flame. When burning, it emits black smoke when it melts. It has a yellow flame and emits an aromatic odor. After burning, the ash is a dark brown block and can be broken with fingers.
Acrylic and polypropylene (PP)
Acrylic fiber name polyacrylonitrile fiber, near fire softening and melting, black smoke after the fire, the flame is white, burning quickly after the flame, emitting the bitter smell of the fire meat, after burning the ash is irregular black lumps, handcuffs are brittle .
Polypropylene fiber, polypropylene fiber, near the flame is melted, flammable, burning slowly from the fire and black smoke, the upper end of the flame is yellow, the lower end is blue, emitting oily smell, after burning, the ash is hard round light yellow brown granules, hand twist easy broken.
Vinyl and polyvinyl chloride
The name of vinylon is not easy to ignite, the near flame melts and shrinks, and there is a little flame at the top when burning. When the fiber melts into a gelatinous flame, it has a thick black smoke, a bitter smell, and black after burning. Bead-like particles that can be crushed with your fingers.
Polyvinyl chloride fiber, difficult to burn, is extinguished from the fire, the flame is yellow, the lower end of the green white smoke, the pungent pungent smell of spicy and sour, after burning, the ash is dark brown irregular lumps, the fingers are not easy to smash.
Spandex and fluorocarbon
Polyurethane, the name of spandex fiber, burns near the edge of the fire. When burning, the flame is blue. It leaves the fire and continues to melt, giving off a special irritating odor. After burning, the ash is soft and fluffy black ash. Fluorine fiber PTFE fiber, ISO organization called it fluorite fiber, near flame only melt, difficult to ignite, not burning, edge flame is blue-green carbonization, melting and decomposition, gas is toxic, the melt is hard round black Beads. Fluorinated fibers are commonly used in the textile industry to make high performance sewing threads.
It is easy to identify fibers by combustion, but blended products are not easy to judge. A yarn is drawn from each of the warp and weft directions (ie, the direction of the straight and the horizontal).

eg. grosgrain ribbon, satin ribbonvelvet ribbonorganza ribbon.


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