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Is the Christmas after the New Year? Russian festivals are so different

As December approaches, the festive atmosphere has quietly arrived. If you want to experience a different Christmas or New Year, you may wish to visit Moscow! Unlike many Western countries, it is not uncommon to celebrate two New Years or two Christmass in distant Russia. According to the calendar of the Orthodox Church, the Christmas and New Year of the Russian calendar is two weeks later than the European festival. January 7 is the Russian Christmas, and January 14 is the Russian New Year. From mid-December to mid-January, the dreamy holiday atmosphere will last for a month.
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From December 14th to January 13th, 2020, the annual "Christmas Journey" festival carnival will be held in Moscow, the largest winter Christmas celebration in Europe. Throughout the month, Moscow will be enveloped in a fairytale festive atmosphere. A variety of colorful celebrations such as costume parades, ice ballet, light show, fireworks show and winter fun games will be open to all visitors free of charge. At that time, people can not only experience these activities, but also find the most unique souvenirs, taste the local special Christmas snacks, and spend an authentic "Russian" Christmas with the locals.
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On the occasion of this winter holiday, TSUM Department Store, the largest luxury department store in Moscow City, has also been renewed. The exquisite New Year costumes are particularly eye-catching: the exterior walls of department stores will be decorated with huge red ribbons and bows, and decorated with glittering stars. Shaped lighting. This year's theme of TSUM Department Store's New Year's dress is “Gifts”. Whether inside or outside the department store, customers can see the furnishings and layouts around this theme. The atrium in the department store will stand up a golden Christmas tree with a decoration of ten meters, stars, balls and colored lines. In addition, each floor will be decorated with golden bows, colored balls, stars and gift boxes.
Experience the snow-filled, dreamy world of ice and snow in Moscow, the gorgeous lights and dreamy Christmas trees on the streets of the city, and the fairy tale-like festival fairy tale among the lively activities and the crowds. Here, you can not only experience the most different "double" Christmas and New Year, but also leave a gift and memories for you and your loved ones as you alternate between old and new.
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