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Mexican Independence Day - September 16, 2019

As any Mexican school child can tell you, Dia de la Independencia tells the moving story about how Father Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla helped lead the fight to end 300 years of brutal class prejudice.
His speech to the people of Mexico on September 16, 1810 marked the beginning of the decade-long fight for independence from Spain that finally resulted in victory for Mexico in 1821.
This year, mark your calendars for Monday, September 16, 2019 when Mexican Independance will be celebrated with fireworks, fiestas, and crowds roaring "Viva Mexico! "Viva Mexico!"
Several Criollos people and Hidalgo were a part of the planned revolt against the colonial government of Spain during which a few plotters of the revolt were killed.
Afraid the he would be arrested by the government, Hidalgo ordered his brother, Mauricio, along with Mariano Abasolo and Ignacio Allende to accompany several other armed men. They were given the responsibility of making the sheriff release all the inmates who supported independence on the wee hours of 16th September.
They had set around eighty of the inmates free. On 16th September in the year 1810, Hidalgo commanded all the church bells to be rung to gather his followers at 2:30 a.m. With Juan Aldama and Ignacio Allende by his sides, Hidalgo addressed his followers with a speech and urged them to start a revolt against the colonial government.
The first major step towards revolt, the Siege of Guanajuato, took place exactly four days after Hidalgo’s address to his fellowmen. On 28th September 1821, that is a decade after the War of Independence, Mexico’s independence was declared from its colonial ruler, Spain, in Declaration of Independence of the Mexican Empire. Insurgents like Vicente Guerrero along with the former royal officer, Augustin de Iturbide, were the ones who achieved independence of Mexico but Hidalgo is considered to be the father of Mexico.
The Mexican Independence Day is an official holiday in Mexico which commemorates the day on which Cry of Dolores or Grito de Dolores was uttered for the first time from Dolores Hidalgo, which is a small town in Mexico, on the 16th of September in 1810.
This event marked the starting of Mexican War of Independence against the Spaniards. The word “Grito” was the declaration of Mexican War of Independence by a Roman Catholic priest, Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla. Since the year 1825, this day has been celebrated as the Mexican Independence Day.
Mexico's celebration of independence is officially marked on September 16th, but the festivities usually begin the night before, on September 15th.
On Independence Eve, cries of "Viva Mexico!" can be heard shouted in town squares from Tijuana to Cancun as the skies are illuminated with spectacular fireworks displays in neighborhoods from coast to coast.
And, everywhere, the official colors of the day are red, white, and green - echoing the colors of the Mexican flag -- to express the patriotism people feel on this day.
The following afternoon, on September 16, the grandest of all parades takes place in Mexico City and other major towns and cities when schools and most businesses close for the day so everyone can take part in the holiday festivities.
While Cinco de Mayo has come to define all Mexican celebrations in the US, it is on Mexican Independence Day when citizens (and Mexican communities worldwide) exhibit their swelling pride with dancing, music, local parades, and family fiestas.
Parades, beating of drums and bugles, patriotic programs, competition of marching bands and various other events which are even broadcasted by the media take place on Independence Day. The public celebrates this special day by going to parties and feasts, by playing music and also by bursting firecrackers. It is a day of celebration for the Mexicans and they are seen to be in jovial mood. Decorations mainly using the colors of the Mexican flag, red, white and green, are done in towns and cities of Mexico. Horns and whistles are blown and people throw confetti in the crowd to celebrate this festive occasion. The phrases like Viva Mexico are often heard being shouted amidst the mass gathered on this day.
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