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It is said that Halloween must not do these things...

It's another year's Halloween. I believe everyone has seen N articles in fancy, telling you what Halloween should do, what to wear, where to eat, what movies to watch, which haunted house to go...
But on such a frightening night, have you ever thought about what Halloween should not do? Today I recommended 5 works for everyone. Their stories happened on Halloween. The characters in them all spent a tragic Halloween because they did something.
Next, the Halloween Survival Guide you want begins, don't miss a word.

Guide to Survival One: Cherish life, stay away from your brother
Speaking of the most famous Halloween movie, it is definitely not the "Halloween" series, it is the most suitable movie for Halloween.
In the horror film industry, in 1978, the first "Halloween" directed by John Carpenter was undoubtedly in the king position. The $320,000 cost earned a $60 million global box office. The editor of the British authoritative science fiction journal "SFX" Stevenson Brian even called it the originator of the postmodern horror film type, which is the iconic work of the next 20 years of horror movies.
Of course, the most important thing is that it also contributed to Michael Miles, one of the most famous killing madmen in film history. A murderer with a plastic mask and a kitchen knife, always on Halloween.
In the original version of "Halloween," Michael killed his sister with a kitchen knife on Halloween, when he was six years old. Then Michael's murderous madness gene was awakened, and the unscrupulous killing made him a childhood memory of a generation.
After reading "Halloween", what do we understand? Of course: if you want to spend Halloween safely, you must stay away from your brother!

Survival Guide 2: Don't play "Dungeons & Dragons" games with friends
"Stranger Things"
The story of "Stranger Things" took place in the 1980s, full of the nostalgic sentiments of the 1980s, and there were many tributes to the popular culture of the time. The type also featured the popular children's adventure film of the last century.
The little boy, Will, came home with his friends after ending the game of "Dungeons & Dragons", met a monster and then disappeared mysteriously. His friends, family, and local police struggled to find answers, but were caught up in a mysterious incident filled with secret experiments and horrific supernatural forces.
With the help of friends and family, Will was finally saved, returning to the real world from the world of monsters, but leaving behind the sequelae - from time to time to see the monsters to chase him.
Will's first Halloween, the imaginary one is to play with friends, "Don't give sugar to the trick" game, in reality, Will always sees the monster to chase his image, so This Halloween is also disappointing in Will's fear out of control.
Friends, still don't understand? In the words of the treasurer, it is: "The amount is wrong, the amount is really wrong, the amount should not be played "Dungeons & Dragons" from the beginning, if the amount does not play "Dungeons & Dragons", it will not be one person at night. Going home, if the amount is not one person going home at night, Russia will not be caught by the monsters. If the amount is not caught by the monsters, the amount will not fall to such a sad place..."
So, cherish life, grab it from the source, and stay away from Dungeons & Dragons!

Survival Guide 3: Hand over the candy, don't mess with the child
"Trick 'R Treat"
The tradition of Thanksgiving is to eat turkey. The tradition of Christmas is a family reunion, and the tradition of Halloween is to order pumpkin lanterns, to prepare candy for children, "do not give sugar to quail!"
What if you don't follow these traditions? In Trick 'R Treat, those who don't follow the Halloween tradition are not as simple as "don't give up sugar."
Trick 'R Treat uses a non-linear narrative structure that tells four stories that are related to and related to the Halloween tradition. In these stories, some people extinguished the pumpkin lantern, some broke the pumpkin, and some did not give the child candy...
In the end, everyone who didn't follow the Halloween tradition was brutally punished, and those who gave sugar to their children safely spent this Halloween.
The last line of the movie is: trick or treat?
Know how to choose it? Hand over the candy, or don't mess with the child.

Survival Guide 4: Don't miss the dwarf with white sheets
"E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial"
Many people have commented that Spielberg is a very childlike director, and E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial is proof.
In "E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial," Elliott discovered an accidentally lost little alien ET and quietly took him and introduced him to his family and friends. However, the good times did not last long, and the existence of ET was known to the adults, so the ruthless pursuit activities began, and ET was also captured in the laboratory.
Little Elliott and his friends spontaneously organized to rescue ET, and a battle between children and adults began.
ET is Spielberg's test of childlikeness. In the face of such an alien creature with magical functions, the adults only see the benefits, while the children want to protect him and be friends with him.
There is a scene in the movie on Halloween. Little Elliott took the ET to the outside world to see, because all children in Halloween will change, this is the best time for ET. So Elliott put a white sheet on ET and took him out to "trick or treat".
Note that if you see a dwarf with white sheets on Halloween night, he is probably ET, don't miss him, don't use him, be friends with him!

Survival Guide 5: Reject all candles
"Hocus Pocus"
When other young girls are having fun playing the game of "Don't give sugar to the trick," Max's Halloween night is not so good. And it was all because of a candle—he accidentally ignited the evil candle and summoned the three witches who died three hundred years ago.
The three witches were sentenced to death a long time ago for absorbing the children's spirit. Now, thanks to Max's call, they returned to the human world and decided to return to their old business.
The chief culprit Max had to find his sister and friends to fight against the three bad witches.
It turns out that to spend a Halloween safely, it is best to reject all candles!
Having said that, due to the high degree of commercialization, today's Halloween has rarely given a horrible feeling. On this evening, someone chose An An’s heart to watch a horror movie at home. Some people chose to go to various “haunted houses” to practice their courage, and others dressed up as their favorite characters to happily go to the streets, and don’t care. The eyes of others, who makes this Halloween.

In short, the above rules are purely fictitious, I have been to an ideal Halloween!

Halloween 2019 takes place on October 31 annually.
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Best Regard!


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