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Reasons and solutions for shrinking ribbon

Most people may not know about this. They don't know what it is for, and don't even know what it is. Maybe everyone knows more about gift wrapping. However, look at your side, luggage ribbons, seat ribbons, document lanyards, etc., it exists silently around us, but it is always ignored by us.
The ribbon is a narrow fabric or tubular fabric made of various yarns. It has a long history. In the 1930s, it was still a hand workshop. With the development of social progress and technology, the production of ribbon is becoming more and more fine. The function is getting stronger and stronger, and the role in life is more and more, but it is always in the "supporting role": it is lace in the clothing, it is the strap in the bag, it is just the unobtrusive seat belt on the airplane car, etc. Wait. However, without it, you will find that our lives will become extremely difficult.
There are two functions of the ribbon, one is the packaging decoration, and the other is the specific function. Every holiday, ribbons of various colors or entangled or fluttering, decorate the streets and alleys, decorate the festive atmosphere. Or a wedding, a bright and festive ribbon filled with happiness, and a firework on the red carpet blesses every new couple. Ribbon is not only the icing on the cake, but also the decoration of the mood. As for specific functions, waterproof, flame retardant, anti-aging, anti-far infrared, etc., more and more professional functions make the use of ribbon more and more extensive, whether it is fire, construction site or military, the ribbon is taking on more and more heavy duty of.
Therefore, the supporting role is also an indispensable part, and the supporting role can also emit heat in places that are invisible to others.
The ribbon is generally used as an auxiliary material in clothing. Most of the time it plays a finishing touch. Sometimes we use it to make ornaments on the body. The ribbon is usually bare, so we have to Regular cleaning, but after cleaning, we will find that some of the ribbon has changed after washing, and it is accompanied by wrinkles and waves. These situations are very confusing, usually we only think this is The problem of ribbon quality is not, and there are two reasons for these problems:
Reason one: Because the fabric material is inconsistent with the ribbon material, the structure is also inconsistent, the shrinkage rate of the two materials is different, and the shrinkage is very different.
Reason 2: Because of the special workmanship process, such as the ribbon used in the collar, sleeves or car flowers, the bending itself is relatively large.
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In response to these problems, we recommend that when the garment needs to be washed, it is necessary to test the shrinkage rate of the ribbon with a large stock, so that it can be determined whether the shrinkage of the ribbon and the shrinkage of the fabric will cause inconsistency, or use the ribbon to test the garment. To ensure smooth operation of each process, at the same time, the water washing test finds deformation, wrinkles, replacement of other styles of ribbon when changing waves or replacement of this ribbon material, so as not to cause the risk of falling clothing quality. Of course, in our daily life, there is no way. This test method is adopted, so it is necessary to carry out accurate tests at the time of production to ensure that the produced ribbon has no quality problems.
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